Stunning Engagement Invitation Templates

Engagement Invitation Templates

Are you looking for the best engagement invitation? But how can you ensure that your engagement invitation stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your guests?

In just a few sentences, we have the answer for you. Our collection of stunning engagement invitation templates will add a touch of elegance and personalization to your special day. So, let’s start.

Table of Content

  1. Engagement Invitation Templates
  2. How to Make Engagement Invitation
  3. Engagement Invitation Wording
  4. Engagement Invitation Size
  5. Engagement Invitation Layout
  6. FAQs
  7. Conclusion

See Engagement Invitation Templates

Modern Engagement Invitation Template
Modern Engagement Invitation
Colorful Engagement Invitation Template
Colorful Engagement Invitation
Pink Flower Engagement Invitation Template
Pink Flower Engagement Invitation
Engagement Party Invitation Template
Engagement Party Invitation
Simple Engagement Invitation Template
Simple Engagement Invitation
Engagement Celebration Invitation Template
Engagement Celebration Invitation
Mako Engagement Invitation Template
Mako Engagement Invitation
Minimalist Engagement Invitation Template
Minimalist Engagement Invitation
Dark Engagement Invitation Template
Dark Engagement Invitation
Editable Engagement Invitation Template
Editable Engagement Invitation
Photo Frame Engagement Invitation Template
Photo Frame Engagement Invitation
Pink Floral Engagement  Invitation Template
Pink Floral Engagement Invitation
Watercolor Engagement Invitation Template
Watercolor Engagement Invitation
Nature Theme Engagement Invitation Template
Nature Theme Engagement Invitation
Rose Floral Engagement Invitation Template
Rose Floral Engagement Invitation
Blumine Engagement Invitation Template
Blumine Engagement Invitation
China Ivory Engagement Invitation Template
China Ivory Engagement Invitation
Sprout and Willow Brook Invitation Template
Sprout and Willow Brook Invitation

How to Make Engagement Invitation

Here is step by step process which help you to make engagement invitations easily. So, let’s start.

Step 1: Choose an Invitation Maker

The first step in creating your engagement invitation is to find the perfect invitation maker tool. There are several options available online, each offering different features and designs. Look for one that suits your style and has customizable templates to make the process easier.

Step 2: Select a Design

Once you’ve chosen your invitation maker, it’s time to select a design that fits the theme of your engagement. Whether you prefer a classic and elegant design or something fun and quirky, the choice is yours. Many invitation makers offer a wide range of templates to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that resonates with your vision.

Step 3: Personalize the Invitation

Make your engagement invitation truly unique by personalizing it with your names, engagement date, and venue details. You can also add a heartfelt message to your guests, expressing your excitement and anticipation for their presence on your special day.

Step 4: Customize the Colors and Fonts

Give your engagement invitation a personalized touch by customizing the colors and fonts. You can match the colors to your wedding theme or choose hues that reflect your personalities as a couple. Experiment with different fonts to find the one that best complements the design and adds a touch of elegance or playfulness.

Step 5: Add Images or Photos

Including a photo of the happy couple on the engagement invitation adds a personal touch and makes it even more special. Choose a high-quality image that captures your love and happiness, and place it strategically within the design.

Step 6: Preview and Print

Before finalizing your engagement invitation, take a moment to preview the design and make sure all the details are correct. Check for any spelling errors or typos, and ensure that the layout looks perfect. Once you’re satisfied with the result, it’s time to print the invitations.

If you are confused about wording then you can also follow some wording formate which you can see here.

Engagement Invitation Wording

When it comes to engagement invitation wording, the tone you choose is crucial. It should align with the overall theme of your wedding and reflect your personality as a couple. Let’s explore some engaging ideas for different styles of weddings.

1. Classic and Formal Wording

For couples who prefer a timeless and sophisticated affair, classic and formal wording is the way to go. Use proper etiquette and traditional phrasing to create an elegant invitation that exudes charm.

“Mr. and Mrs. [Host’s Last Name]
Request the honor of your presence
At the engagement of their daughter
[Bride’s Full Name]
[Groom’s Full Name]
[Date] at [Time]
[Venue Name and Address]”

Porcelain Engagement Invitation Template
Porcelain Engagement Invitation

2. Modern and Trendy Wording

If you’re hosting a contemporary wedding with a touch of flair, modern and trendy wording will suit your style. Embrace creativity and incorporate catchy phrases to give your invitation a fresh and upbeat feel.

“He popped the question, and she said yes!
Join us as we celebrate the engagement of
[Bride’s First Name] and [Groom’s First Name]
[Date] at [Time]
[Venue Name and Address]
Festivities and merriment to follow!”

Engagement Party Invitation Template
Engagement Party Invitation

3. Casual and Fun Wording

For couples who prefer a laid-back and fun celebration, casual and playful wording will capture the essence of your event. Add some humor and personal touches to make your guests smile.

“Love is in the air!
Come party with us as
[Bride’s First Name] and [Groom’s First Name]
Get engaged and ready to tie the knot
[Date] at [Time]
[Venue Name and Address]
Casual attire encouraged!”

 Casual Engagement Invitation Template
Casual Engagement Invitation

4. Rustic Romance Wording

For a wedding surrounded by nature’s beauty and rustic charm, a rustic romance-themed engagement invitation sets the mood for a heartwarming celebration.

“Love blossoms like wildflowers!
Join us in celebrating the love story of
[Bride’s First Name] and [Groom’s First Name]
[Date] at [Time]
[Venue Name and Address]
Country chic attire encouraged!”

Rustic Engagement Invitation Template
Rustic Engagement Invitation

Engagement Invitation Size

Now, let’s look at what size you should consider while making an engagement invitation.

4” x 6” Size

The 4” x 6” size is ideal for intimate gatherings and events with a smaller guest list. It creates a cozy and personalized atmosphere, making it suitable for close friends and family celebrations. Examples of events where the 4” x 6” size shines include backyard engagements, casual brunch parties, and small gatherings at home.

Engagement Invitation Size

5” x 7” Size

The 5” x 7” size is well-suited for more formal engagements with a larger guest list. It provides ample space for additional information and details. Events that benefit from the 5” x 7” size include elegant cocktail parties, formal dinner celebrations, and grand engagement soirées.

Engagement Invitation Size

Engagement Invitation Layout

When creating an engagement invitation layout, there are several elements you can include to make it visually appealing and informative. Here are some common elements found in engagement invitations:

Engagement Invitation Layout


Start with a prominent header that includes phrases like “Engagement Invitation” or “Join us for our Engagement Celebration.” The header should be eye-catching and set the tone for the event.

Couple’s Names

Display the names of the engaged couple prominently. You can use elegant fonts or decorative calligraphy to make the names stand out.

Date and Time

Include the date and time of the engagement celebration. Be specific about the start and end times to avoid any confusion.


Provide the address and name of the venue where the event will take place. If it’s at a private residence, mention the host’s name as well.

Dress Code

Specify the dress code, if applicable, such as formal attire or casual dress.

RSVP Details

Include contact information, such as an email address or phone number, for guests to RSVP. You can also mention the deadline for RSVPs.

Remember to maintain a cohesive and balanced design throughout the invitation. You can either create a digital invitation using graphic design software or opt for printed invitations, depending on your preference and budget.


Can I design my engagement invitations if I’m not a professional designer

Absolutely! There are numerous user-friendly design tools and templates available online that allow you to create stunning invitations with ease.

Should I include engagement photos in my invitations?

Including engagement photos adds a personal touch to your invites, but it’s entirely optional. If you have a favorite picture that represents your relationship, go ahead and use it.

How far in advance should I send out the invitations?

It’s best to send out your engagement invitations at least 2-3 months before the event, giving your guests enough time to RSVP and make necessary arrangements.

Can I use engagement invitation templates for other events?

Yes, engagement invitation templates can be modified to suit other events like bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, or anniversary parties.

Are digital invitations considered tacky?

Not at all! Digital invitations are eco-friendly and convenient, making them a popular choice for modern couples.

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Crafting engagement invitation templates is an exciting process that allows you to share your love and joy with your closest friends and family. By incorporating personalized touches, a beautiful design, and thoughtful messages, your invitations will become cherished keepsakes for all who receive them.

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